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About Jen

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Ready to Simplify?

As a physical therapist, I always believed in treating the person, not just the injury.  I've taken this concept and applied it to my health coaching practice for one simple reason.  IT MAKES SENSE!


My simple plan  focuses on 4 key areas of health: what we eat, how we move, restorative sleep and reducing chronic stress.

What We Eat - Food IS Medicine
Our focus will be on consuming a variety of nutrient-dense, plant-based foods, sustainable sources of protein and healthy fats.


How we move - Movement is Key
We were designed to move!  We'll move frequently and in a way that is nourishing to our muscles and joints.


How to get Restorative Sleep
A restful night's sleep is our body's time to recover and repair.  We'll incorporate simple strategies to help your body get the most out of this critical time.


How to Unplug and get a Brain Break
We're going to utilize youthful brain strategies that will keep our minds sharp and relaxed at the same time.  Ready to not feel STRESED-OUT all the time?

Here's how my journey started . . .​


Hi, I'm Jennifer Terrell and welcome to The Simple Table!


My practice focuses on empowering and educating you to make healthy lifestyle choices based on ancestral health.


The concept is simple.  Food, the way that nature intended, can truly heal and nourish our bodies.


A healthy and balanced life shouldn't be complicated, but with so much conflicting information out there it can feel overwhelming.  Believe me I know!


I've always had an interest in the body and how we move.  Sports and outdoor adventures were my passion.  I continued to focus on body performance as I pursued my college basketball career, and later, a career in physical therapy.


Even with all my years of training and education on the human body I never appreciated the impact food has on our health.


My Aha moment came when my mom was diagnosed with Celiac's Disease.  Since my early 20's I suffered from chronic fatigue, low body temperature, acne and severe allergies.  Could my food choices be the cause of these symptoms?


I decided to do some research and asked for testing.  Even though my tests were not conclusive, I made the commitment to go 100% gluten-free in 2003.  This was before it was the trendy thing to do!


Slowly my symptoms began to improve.  My new "normal" was such a drastic improvement that I became a true believer in Food IS Medicine.  This was a huge first step, but only the first step in my search for optimal health and wellness.

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